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Our PDR Price Guide

How Much Does A Paintless Dent Repair Cost?

Welcome to our PDR price guide. This is a question we get asked every single day and there are so many factors to determine the cost for a paintless dent repair that its not a question that can be easily answered. Listed below are just some of the factors the technician needs to take into acount when estimating the cost for a dent repair.

  • The size and depth of the dent
  • The location of the dent
  • The access to the dent
  • The cause of the dent
  • The material of the dented panel
  • The conditon of the paintwork
  • The make and model of the vehicle

We have put below a very simple price guide for you to look at below but only a qualified technician can give you a true repair estimate for a paintless dent repair. Remember you can get a free estimate right here > CLICK ME FOR YOUR FREE ESTIMATE.

Small Dent Repair

Small Dent Repair Price Guide
A small dent repair could cost anywhere between £70-£180

Medium Dent Repair

Medium Dent Repair Price Guide
A medium sized repair could cost anywhere between £100 – £300

Complex Dent Repairs

Complex Dent Repair Price Guide
A complex dent repair could cost anyhwere between £180 – £450

Large & Complex

Large Complex Dent Repair Price Guide
Large Complex repairs could range from £450 – £3000

Price Guide

We hope our price guide was helpful to you. As you can see our technicians have so many factors to take into account when estimating a dent repair that the answer cannot be a simple one, please dont be fooled by companies offering cheap set prices for dent repairs. These repairs often end in a sub standard repair that cannot be rectified without the cost and bother of having them filled and painted after. All of our technicians are highly skilled and they are qualified dent repair technicians. Remember you can get a FREE ESTIMATE off one of our technicians local to you by clicking HERE.