What is a Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless dent repair, glue pull on roof rail.

Paintless Dent Repair is not only the fastest and most cost effective method but the highest quality method for removing/repairing cosmetic dents on your car. The original paintless dent removal procedure can only be performed by highly skilled technicians and requires extremely precise and controlled micro pushes within the dent from behind the panel to get it back to its factory original conditon without damaging the paint surface. In recent years a new technique has been used that most refer to as glue pulling, this glue pulling technique is a completely different procedure and means dents that cannot be accessed from behind can now be repaired also. Both types of repairs do have their limitations but should always be considered before opting to have a dent filled with body fillers and just painted over. CLICK ME FOR YOUR FREE ESTIMATE



End of Lease Vehicles

Leasing a vehicle is fast becoming a popular way of having your car of choice, most lease deals are usually somewhere between 2 – 4 years and they are generally cost effective and hassle free. However when these vehicles get returned they get inspected and any damage found to be outside the fair wear and tear guidelines is charged for. This is where Dent Reverse can help, our paintless dent repair technique is the perfect answer to those car dents and will save you money on the costly lease return costs associated with damaged lease vehicles. CLICK ME FOR YOUR FREE ESTIMATE



Sports & Prestige Vehicles

All vehicles pick up dents at some point in their life but if you dont keep on top of them then they will almost certainly devalue the vehicle and this loss in value is massively increased in sought after sports and prestige vehicles. Some people opt to have car dents filled and painted but this can devalue the vehicle even more so than just leaving the dent there in the first place. Once a car has had paintwork then it is almost always noticeable and to a potential buyer there is absolutely no way of telling why it has had that paintwork, it may have been to hide some small dents but it could just of easily have been involved in accident and they will more than likely go and find another to buy with its original factroy paint.CLICK ME FOR YOUR FREE ESTIMATE



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