Don’t Replace, Restore Your Headlamps

When your vehicles headlamps start to glaze over it makes your car look old and tired, did you also know that when the uv layer breaks down it drastically effects the clarity of your headlights and will actually fail its mot. We can restore your headlamps today, we offer a complete mobile service and we can rectify the uv damage making your car look like new again. Some headlamps can cost hundreds and hundreds of pounds to replace, we can restore them at a fraction of that cost now. CLICK ME FOR YOUR FREE ESTIMATE


UV Damaged Headlamp

This is a typical headlamp that has sustained long term damge from uv rays, unlike others  in our repair process we actually remove the damaged area of the lamp beneath and restore the full look and clarity of the lamp as it would of looked from new.


Why Choose Dent Reverse?






Well we believe that pictures speak a thousand words so check out the photo of the same headlamp that we repaired for this customer. Not only was this repair way cheaper than the cost of a set of new headlamps it was also done at the customers convienience on their drive and all within the hour.